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Private Commissions


Indonesian Cityzen - Jakarta

May 2015

I never wanted to live in a big city, but I have to thank Jakarta for helping me to create “Indonesian CityZen. ” Life circumstances brought me here, and I found myself painting as a way to mentally and emotionally escape from the trappings of the ultra urban environment that I found myself in, with its traffic, noise and pollution. I believe that nature came to be the subject of my paintings because it was missing so much from my everyday life. 

As I began to paint more and more Indonesian animals, I realized that I wanted to share my paintings with other people who may have been feeling an absence of nature from their lives as well. I named the series “Indonesian CityZen” and began to teach about my art in schools, because I want to convey that these animals are also citizens of Indonesia with the right to live lives free from harm and to share the land with the human citizens of this country.

The Crossover - Art Hotel Jakarta

November 2015

Pamplona born artist Inyigo Ardanaz conveys his impressions of Indonesia in The Crossover. By combining elements of Spanish and Indonesian culture, he has created a collection of vibrant paintings that juxtapose elements of these two countries in surprising ways. Prior to The Crossover, Indi exhibited his series of bold paintings on Indonesian wildlife in Jakarta to help raise awareness on the diversity and beauty of wildlife in Indonesia, where he was living from September 2013-June 2015. This series, Indonesian Cityzen, can be seen at Now based in the US, he collaborate with local bussiness involved in environmental issues to promote a more sustainable way of living thruogh art. He is delighted to be in DC to exhibit his latest work: THE CROSSOVER


Daydream - Kathmandu

January 2018

Spanish born artist Inyigo Ardanaz (Indi) conveys in “Daydream” his impressions of humans looking for a better future through nature. By fusing animals with gold, he has created a collection of vibrant paintings that juxtapose spirituality, human development and hope in surprising ways.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions
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